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03 October 2009

LOWONGAN KERJA CPNS TNI AL 2009 (5-7 October 2009)


SURABAYA, - Army Navy (AL) candidate hiring civil servants (CPNS) for undergraduate and associate experts from various disciplines.

Head of Information Service Fleet Command Eastern Region of Indonesia (Koarmatim) TNI AL Marine Lt. Col. Toni Syaiful, at Surabaya on Monday (28), said the registration application is open to the public on 5-7 October 2009.

"Registration application at any time will be closed when it meets the ratio of the number of applicants," he said.

Requirements that must be fulfilled by the applicants, namely Indonesian citizen and of good character, as evidenced by a police record certificate (SKCK).

The applicant was never sentenced to prison or confinement by a court decision that already had permanent legal force for committing a criminal act.

Applicants have never dismissed with respect not his own request or not with respect as a civil servant / member of the military and police or private employee with a statement.

Applicants are also not domiciled in CPNS and no husband / wife of a foreign citizen or stateless with a certificate from the village / village heads.

Applicants are not to be participants in the selection CPNS other departments, the Department of Defense, the Department of Defense organizations and units. On December 1, 2009, age maximum 35 years and have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.50.

Other requirements, go Toni, the applicant's physical and spiritual health. Minimum height 160 centimeters for men and 155 centimeters for women with equal weight. In addition, applicants are not color blind, not bertindik, and no tattoos.

"Those who accepted, would be placed in all regions of the Republic of Indonesia or other countries determined by the government," he said.

Meanwhile, the necessary qualifications, ie S-1 degree Public Health (SKM), S-1 degree in Civil Engineering, S-1 degree Law, scholars and D-3 Information Management.

D-3 Computer Science, D-3 Polytechnic Machine, D-3 Teknik Shipping, D-3 Polytechnic Civil / Building, D-3 English, D-3 Anesthesia, D-3 Physiotherapy, D-3 Speech Therapy, D - 3 Library, and D-3 Nursing.

D-3 Obstetrics, D-3 Teknik Dentistry, D-3 Dental Health, D-3 Nutrition, D-3 analyst Pharmacy, D-3 Radiodiagnostic and Radiotherapy, D-3 Medical Record, and D-3 Environmental Health.

The participants who will register to come to the place of registration with a handwritten cover letter seal affixed, recent passport photo size 3 x 4 x 4 and 6 with a red background, each with five pieces.

Copies of ID cards, family cards, certificates legalized, SKCK, drug-free certificate, yellow card from Depnakertrans, and health certificate from a doctor.

Place of registration at the TNI AL Jakarta, Mako Lantamal II, IV, V, VI, VII, and X.

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