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01 October 2009

Lowongan Kerja BUMN Ikatan Dinas PLN Oktober 2009

Announcement Offer Service Association Scholarship PLN


1. S1 students who are still active in the Department:

* Electrical Engineering Studies
o Power System Engineering
o System Settings
* Mechanical Engineering
o Energy Sector Study

2. Have completed a minimum of 110 credits
3. GPA = 2.75 with the scale of 4
4. Maximum age of 23 years old at the time of implementation of the selection
5. Healthy physical, spiritual, drug free, not color blind, do not have to be physical ketunaan that can inhibit the activity of working
6. Not have ties with other agencies and do not receive scholarships from other institutions that are binding
7. Completing the data registration and submit an application file in the SAC building at the latest on October 15, 2009

Completeness of the applicant's documents:
Application letter addressed to PT PLN (Persero) cq Deputy Director of Human Resources and Talent Development

1. KTM and ID Card Copy
2. Copy of transcripts from Semester 1 - 6, which is validated by the Chairman of the Department
3. Copy of birth certificate.
4. Health certificate, and not color blind of General Practitioners
5. Recent passport size 4 x 6 as much as 2 sheets
6. Declaration of stamp down on the USD. 6000, - which states that the applicant:
1. Not involved in drug abuse and other addictive substances.
2. Willing to be placed throughout Indonesia when received as an employee of PLN.
7. Applicants for graduate programs of Cross-Line (D3 which continued S1), must attach:

1. D3 transcripts that legalized
2. D3 diploma legalized

Stages Test Includes:

o Selection Administration
o Test and English Academic
o Psychological Testing and discussion groups
o Health Test
o Interviews

Fall system applies to every stage of testing. Call participants and test locations will be announced through


* Besiswa awarded to participants completing the study include:
o Money Education Penelenggaraan costs (BPP)
o allowances and school supplies as much as Rp. 1.000.000, - / month tax cut
o Support the cost of research / preparation of final task was given a one-time amount of Rp. 3.500.000, - cut taxes

Participants scholarship program, after graduating from the obligation to undertake a study Prajabatan Training at PT PLN (Persero) and will be subject to service bond for 5 consecutive years since graduation Training Prajabatan

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