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09 October 2009

Lowongan Kerja BUMN PT Kereta Api 2009


PT. Kereta Api (Persero) open up the jobs for personnel administration, personnel Operations, Facilities Maintenance personnel and Maintenance Facility personnel with high school FORMASI LEVEL. For those of you who meet the following requirements:

     * WNI, Male or Female (*) are aged 18 - 25 years on December 1, 2009
     * Status Not Married (Single)
     * Senior Secondary Education Sederajat or more
     * The value of mathematics to a minimum 6.5 high school diploma for science or engineering majors, Economic value of the minimum 6.5 high school diploma for majors SOCIAL
     * Minimum height 160 cm with proportional weight
     * Healthy physical and spiritual
     * Behave well and drug free
     * Willing to be placed throughout the company work.
     * Prioritized applicants who have not been following the recruitment test in PT. Railway (Persero)

Can register by following the procedure as follows:

     * Enter data - your data correctly on the form REGISTER (link attached registration form at the end of this article) that has been provided (this field will be validated with physical documents that you send), by clicking the REGISTER ONLINE
     * After doing a full REGISTER, please login with your username and password that you fill. After login please click on the button DETAILS OF DATA, then will show the data - the data you enter, to print your data please click on PRINT PREVIEW button.
     * Print REGISTRATION evidence that has been in the content and include with the application documents to be sent as follows:
           o The application letter stamped Rp. 6000
           o Copy of senior secondary school certificate and copy of last educational degree higher legalized
           o Copy of birth certificate
           o Letter of good behavior and drug-free letter from the police
           o List of biographies or curriculum vitae (CV)
           o job seekers Card (AK1) from the local Disnaker
           o Pas recent photos size 4x6 (3 sheets) colored and given a name and date of birth
           o Copy of Identity Card (KTP)
           o Single Certificate from District
           o Health Certificate from your doctor
           o Letter prepared statement to be placed and appointed as employees in accordance with the established formation (stamped Rp. 6000)
     * REGISTRATION start date of opening of 6 OCTOBER 2009, for those of you who have done REGISTER before this date, requested to REGISTER ITEMS.
     * Shipping document received no later than October 14, 2009 (postmark) to PO BOX respective - respective location registration areas are printed in accordance with the REGISTRATION FORM.
     * For those of you who qualify will be called via a website on sd 16 to October 17, 2009 I followed STAGE TESTS on October 18, 2009 by calling evidence printed from the website of PT KA recruitment.

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