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23 August 2008


Nutrifood creates and markets international healthy food & beverages. Our main office is in Jakarta, with a distribution network in more than 20 countries around the world. Now we are opening vacancies young professionals as:



Female/ Male, age max. 27 years old
Final year student / Bachelor Degree (S1) from any major, with min. GPA 3.00
Have an interest in marketing
Have a good negotiation & communication skill
Have car/motorcycle driving license
Willing to be placed outside Jakarta

Please Send application letter and CV to :

Kawasan Industri Pulogadung
Jl. Rawa Bali II No. 3
Jakarta 13920
E-mail :

Bank UOB Indonesia; 6 lowongan kerja bank

PT Bank UOB Indonesia is the first Singapore-Indonesia joint venture bank incorporated in Indonesia. It commenced operations on 16 March 1990 with a capital of IDR 50 billion. As at December 2007, the Bank’s total assets has grown to IDR 7.7 trillion.

UOB Indonesia is 99% owned by United Overseas Bank Group (UOB), one of the largest banking groups in Singapore. The Group has 524 offices in 18 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Western Europe and North America.

UOB Indonesia has five branches in Bali, Bandung, Batam, Surabaya and Medan, and four sub-branches in Pluit and Kelapa Gading – North Jakarta, Kebon Jeruk – West Jakarta and in Tanjung Pinang – Bintan.

Now, the Bank has immediate opportunities for the following positions :

Finance & Accounting Supervisor

Qualifications :
Based in Jakarta : Kebon Jeruk
Minimum Bachelor Degree in Accounting/Finance
Fluent in English
Familiar with prevailing PSAK and tax regulations
Min 2 years experience as accountant in banking
Detail oriented & accurate

Internal Auditor - Senior Officer

Qualifications :

Based in Jakarta
Minimum Bachelor Degree from reputable university
Fluent in English, strong in Excel applications
Min 3 years relevant experience as bank auditor specialized in credit
Familiar with banking regulations
Detail & accurate
Good in writing audit report (in English)
Willing to travel

Relationship Manager – Funding

Qualifications :

Based in Jakarta : Sudirman, Pluit or Kelapa Gading
Minimum Bachelor Degree from reputable university
Good in English, possess good customer database
Min 3 years experience in selling funding products, especially time deposit
Good interpersonal & marketing skill
Target oriented

FX Settlement – Senior Officer

Qualifications :

Based in Jakarta
Minimum Bachelor Degree from reputable university
Fluent in English, strong in Excel applications
Min 3 years relevant experience in treasury operations/settlement : FX, MM, Derivative
Familiar with BI reporting
Detail & accurate

Head of Credit Administration & Custody


Based in Jakarta
Minimum Bachelor Degree from reputable university
Fluent in English
Min 5 years experience in loan administration or loan operations for corporate banking
Good in loan products & custody services
Detail & accurate

Relationship Manager – Lending

Qualifications :

Based in Bali or Jakarta (Pluit, Kelapa Gading)
Minimum Bachelor Degree from reputable university
Fluent in English, possess good customer database
Min 3 years banking experience
Good interpersonal & marketing skill
Good analysis & credit proposal writing skill





1. MARKET RESEARCH ANALYST (Marketing Research & Dev.) ( Code : MRA)
* Bachelor degree/ Last Semester in Industrial Engineering/ Statistic
* with min GPA 2,75 Age max 27 years old
* Having good analitical & conseptual thinking, good communication
* skill & fluent in English both oral or written.
* Having statistical / survey skill & good analysis in micro economics
* Bachelor degree/ Last Semester
* in Mechanical Engineering/ Industrial Engineering/ Metalurgy
* With GPA 2.75 Age Max 27 years old
* Having good communication skill, & adaptability
* Having good leadership & teamwork
* Bachelor degree/ Last Semester in Mechanical Engineering
* with min GPA 2,75 Age max 27 years old
* Having good analitical thinking, teamwork & proactive
* Have good computer literacy & knowledge in technical drawing
* Bachelor degree/ Last Semester in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering
* with min GPA 2,75
* Age max 27 years old
* Having good analitical thinking, teamwork & managerial skill


* Diploma Degree/ Last Semester in Mechanical Engineering
* with min GPA 2.75 Age Max 25 years old
* Having good knowledge in motorcycle components
* Having good technical drawing skill
* Hard worker & fast learner
2. PURCHASING STAFF (Cost Control 2) ( Code : PSCC2 )
* Diploma Degree/ Last Semester in Mechanical Engineering
* with min GPA 2.75 Age Max 25 years old
* Having good technical drawing skill
* Having good knowledge in manufacturing process and quality standart
* Having good knowledge in motorcycle components
* Hard worker & fast learner
3. ENGINEERING ( Code : Eng )
* Diploma Degree/ Last Semester in Mechanical Engineering/ Industrial
* Engineering
* with min GPA 2.75 Age Max 25 years old
* Having good technical drawing skill
* Having good communication, & teamwork
* Diploma Degree/ Last Semester in Mechanical / Industrial Engineering
* With min GPA 2.75 Age Max 25 years old
* Having good leadership
* Having strong motivation, hard worker & fast learner

Please fill identity form at :

Student Advisory Center (SAC) – ITS Surabaya

not later than August 22 nd 2008 and the announcement of eligible candidates for psychological test on August 27 th 2008 at :

Student Advisory Center (SAC) – ITS Surabaya

21 August 2008


INDOSATM2 is the Internet, Multimedia and other IP based Services Provider. Those kind of services such as: High Speed / Dedicated Internet, Dial up Internet, TV Cable, VPN (Virtual Private Network), Hosting and Collocation, VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol), B2B and B2C E-Commerce.

IndosatM2 is fully subsidiary company of PT. Indosat ( The Telecommunication Service Provider in Indonesia), starting to operate at year 2000 and giving the services for company, organization and personal / residential in Indonesia, supported by a highest capacity network which was connected to the Global Internet.

General Qualifications

* Warga Negara Indonesia (WNI)

* Lulus program D3 ataupun Strata 1

* IPK minimum 2.80 dari skala 4 (untuk lulusan Universitas Negeri) dan 3.00 dari skala 4 (untuk lulusan Universitas Swasta)

* Memiliki pengalaman kerja minimal 2-3 tahun di posisi yang sama

* Tidak sedang menjalani Ikatan Dinas pada Instansi lain

* Tidak sedang dalam urusan dengan kepolisian dan pengadilan

* Bersedia ditempatkan di seluruh wilayah operasional PT Indosat Mega Media

Here the opportunities, click the Job Title to view the detail of Job Vacancy.

* Goverment Relation Officer

* Assistant Manager Corporate Communication

* Akuntansi Persediaan Officer

* Akuntansi Pendapatan Officer

* Perpajakan dan Umum Officer

* Cash Bank Officer

* Collection Officer

* Customer Admin Retail Officer

* Industrial Relation Officer

* Supervisor Retention

* Partnership & Development

* Supervisor QA

* Technical Support - Customer Service

* Supervisor Walk In Center

* Building Maintenance

* Inventory Corporate Officer

* Inventory Retail Officer

* Application Specialist

* Database Specialist

* Maintenance Trouble Handling

* Wireless Officer

* Operation NOC Staff

* Satellite NOC Manager

* Operation Satellite NOC

* Assistant Manager Capacity Planning & Management

* Assistant Manager Procurement OPEX

* Assistant Manager Procurement Admin

* Assistant Manager Technology Strategy

* Access Technology Strategy Officer

* Assistant Manager System Development

* Product Development System

* Partnership Entertainment Officer

* VAS & Content Development Officer

* Analyst Junior

* Quality Assurance

* Planning Accsess Officer

* Engineering Wireline Officer

* Internal Auditor

* National Retention Officer

* Program Channel Officer

* Assistant Manager Area / Koordinator Area (NAD)

* Marketing and Sales Support

* Account Manager (Sales Corporate)

* Account Executive (Sales SOHO/SME Department)

* Technical Support - Proffesional Service

* Account Executive (Jabar Area)

* Area Support Officer (Bali&Nusra Area)

* Account Executive Retail & Corporate (Jateng & Jogja Area)

* Assistant Manager untuk Bali & Nusra Area

* Assistant Manager Area / Koordinator Area (Riau Kepulauan)

* Assistant Manager Area / Koordinator Area (SumSel-Babel)

* Assisstant Manager Area / Koordinator Area (Lampung)

* Assistant Manager Marketing

* Account Executive (Corporate Sales) Jatim Area

* Account Executive (Retail-Direct Sales) Jatim Area

* Marketing Officer (Regional Support-East Regional)

* Account Executive (Retail-Channel Distribution) Jatim Area

There are two ways to apply our vacancies.


1. You can sign up your personal email to get “Experd Account” in our website

2. Please complete the registration form and submit your email account.

3. We will send you the information about username, password to your personal email.

4. To activate your “Experd Account”, please confirm our email by clicking the confirmation link that we’ve sent to your personal email.

5. After you activate your “Experd Account”, you can create your curriculum vitae step by step or download our CV template. (Don’t forget to write down your details : personal data, education, and your experience)

6. For applying the vacancies, please choose the vacancy that you are interested to apply, and then click “Quick Apply”

7. Your data will be saved in our database and we will process it immediately. If there is any progress, we will inform you by phone or email.

8. Visit our website regularly to get our update vacancies.


1. Visit website, get the information about IndosatM2 and the vacancies.

2. For applying, choose the vacancy that you are interested to.

3. Clik Button “Quick Apply” and your data will be saved in our database. We will inform you the recruitment progress (if there’s any progress)

4. If you haven’t had “Experd Account” yet, you have to sign up to be our member first.

5. Please Sign Up to our website

6. Visit our website regularly to get our update vacancies.

If you need more information about IndosatM2 or the vacancies, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or Hotline Service 021-75906448 (Monday - Friday at 09.00 am - 05.00 pm)


Dalam rangka revitalisasi penyuluhan pertanian untuk mewujudkan visi pertanian modern berbasis iptek , berkeadilan dan berkelanjutan, Departemen Pertanian akan merekrut tenaga-tenaga (SDM) yang mampu melaksanakan tugas-tugas penyuluhan pertanian di desa-desa di seluruh Indonesia, dengan status sebagai Tenaga Harian Lepas (THL) Penyuluh Pertanian yang akan ditempatkan di kecamatan/desa di seluruh Indonesia. Penempatan Tenaga Harian Lepas (THL) tersebut akan mempertimbangkan kedudukan/domisili calon THL Penyuluh yang bersangkutan .


Cepetan daftar! paling lambat 10 September 2008 (tanggal pengiriman/cap pos)lho

Jadwal Pelaksanaan Selekasi Pegawai Perum Bulog 2008

Bagi Anda yang sedang menantikan pengumuman lowongan kerja di BULOG yang telah di buka beberapa waktu yang lalu, perlu di ketahui bahwa saat ini hasil seleksi administrasi sudah keluar.

Silahkan buka dan masukan user dan password saat mendaftar dulu.

Sedangkan untuk Jadwal Pelaksanaan Seleksi Penerimaan Calon Pegawai Perum Bulog Tahun 2008 bisa di lihat di

Semoga informasi ini berguna bagi Anda semua.

Lowongan kerja BUMN PT ASDP 2008

Klien kami, salah satu BUMN di Indonesia, membuka kesempatan kerja bagi putra-putri terbaik Indonesia yang mempunyai integritas tinggi, ulet, dan kompeten untuk bergabung.


1. Pendidikan :

* Minimal S1 untuk Jurusan :
o Akuntansi.
o Manajemen Keuangan.
o Teknik Informatika.
o Teknik Sipil.
o Jurnalistik.
o Teknik Industri.
o Teknik Kapal jurusan Sistem Mesin Kapal dan Rancang Bangun.
o Hukum.
o Manajemen SDM.
o Semua Jurusan.
* Minimal D3 untuk Jurusan :
o Staf Teknik Kapal jurusan Sistem Mesin Kapal.
o Staf Teknik Kapal jurusan Rancang Bangun.
o Sekretaris.

1. MUALIM (ANT- IV atau ANT - III)
2. MASINIS (ATT - IV atau ATT - III)

2. IPK minimal 2.75 (Perguruan Tinggi Negri) atau IPK 3.00 (Perguruan Tinggi Swasta Akreditasi A) bagi pelamar posisi Staf.
3. Usia :
* D3 maksimal 40 tahun per tanggal 1 Agustus 2008.
* S1 maksimal 45 tahun per tanggal 1 Agustus 2008.
* Perwira Pelayaran Niaga maksimal 35 tahun per tanggal 1 Agustus 2008.
4. Pria / Wanita.
5. Mampu mengoperasikan komputer (minimal MS Office).
6. Bersedia ditempatkan di seluruh wilayah Indonesia.
7. Mampu berbahasa Inggris dengan baik.
8. Berbadan sehat dengan dibuktikan surat keterangan dari dokter (darat) dan sertifikat kesehatan yang dikeluarkan oleh rumah sakit atau lembaga yang telah diakreditasikan oleh Departemen Perhubungan. (Bagi Perwira Pelayaran Niaga)
9. Bersedia mengikuti seluruh proses seleksi di Jakarta, (biaya dari dan ke tempat seleksi menjadi tanggung jawab pelamar).


* Aplikasi lamaran hanya melalui on-line ( klik link regristasi on-line dibawah spesifikasi jabatan ). Tidak ada jalur lain yang digunakan untuk pengiriman lamaran.
* Calon pelamar wajib memiliki alamat e-mail pribadi yang masih aktif untuk mengikuti proses seleksi ini ( hati-hati dalam penulisan alamat e-mail karena proses registrasi hanya dapat dilakukan satu kali untuk setiap masing-masing calon peserta ).
* Setelah mengisi formulir aplikasi dan mengirimkannya kembali secara on-line, calon pelamar akan mendapatkan konfirmasi registrasi yang dikirimkan ke alamat e-mail pribadi. Konfirmasi tersebut berisi nomor registrasi yang akan digunakan selama proses seleksi. Anda tidak akan mendapat menerima e-mail konfirmasi apabila alamat e-mail yang anda input salah atau sudah tidak aktif, sehingga anda tidak bisa log-in untuk pengumuman selanjutnya.
* Calon pelamar hanya diperkenankan melakukan satu kali registrasi on-line dan hanya untuk satu posisi saja. Untuk itu pastikan Anda telah memilih posisi jabatan yang sesuai, serta mengisi semua data dengan benar, sebelum menekan tombol kirim.
* Calon pelamar wajib mengisi aplikasi dengan data / atau informasi yang sebenar-benarnya, karena data ini akan diklarifikasi pada saat pelaksanaan verifikasi dokumen. Bila ditemukan perbedaan maka dianggap gugur.
* Masa waktu registrasi on-line adalah 16 Agustus s/d 26 Agustus 2008.
* Aplikasi yang masuk setelah batas akhir registrasi atau tidak melamar secara on-line, dianggap tidak berlaku.
* Keputusan hasil seleksi bersifat mutlak dan tidak dapat diganggu gugat.
* Pada setiap tahapan seleksi, hanya pelamar yang dinyatakan lolos melalui pengumuman di website yang dapat mengikuti proses selanjutnya.
* Proses rekrutmen dan seleksi ini tidak dikenakan biaya apapun.
* Pengumuman hasil seleksi registrasi on-line dan pelamar yang dapat mengikuti proses tahap selanjutnya dapat dilihat di website mulai tanggal 03 September 2008, pukul 18.00 WIB.


* Bagi peserta yang dinyatakan lolos seleksi administrasi, akan mengikuti proses seleksi Tes Tahap I dilokasi dan jadwal yang akan ditetapkan oleh panitia penyelenggara, serta membawa persyaratan dan dokumen pelengkap lainnya yang diminta, sebagai berikut :
o Pas foto berwarna ukuran 4×6 sebanyak 2 lembar.
o Fotocopy Kartu Tanda Penduduk yang masih berlaku, beserta yang asli.
o Kartu Peserta Tes yang didownload dari website
o Data Riwayat Hidup yang didownload dari website Setelah Anda Log-in, data riwayat hidup yang telah diisi benar dan lengkap diserahkan dalam bentuk print out.
o Fotocopy ijazah terakhir yang sesuai dengan persyaratan yang telah dilegalisir asli oleh pejabat yang berwenang, beserta aslinya.
o Fotocopy transkrip nilai yang telah dilegalisir asli oleh pejabat yang berwenang, beserta aslinya.
o Surat keterangan berbadan sehat dari dokter (darat) dan sertifikat kesehatan yang dikeluarkan oleh rumah sakit atau lembaga yang telah diakreditasikan oleh Departemen Perhubungan. (Perwira Pelayaran Niaga yang masih berlaku)
o Fotocopy sertifikat bagi pelamar untuk kelompok posisi Perwira disertai bukti print out dari Dep Hub Dirjen HubLa. Dapat di acces di website
o Surat keterangan bebas narkoba yang masih berlaku, yang dikeluarkan oleh dokter.
* Seluruh persyaratan dan dokumen pelengkap lainnya dimasukan ke dalam map folio, yang sudah dituliskan nama dan nomor registrasi anda dengan jelas dengan ketentuan sebagai berikut :
o Map berwarna merah bagi peserta yang melamar pada kelompok posisi Darat.
o Map berwarna biru bagi peserta yang melamar pada kelompok posisi Perwira Pelayaran Niaga.
* Mohon mempersiapan seluruh dokumen yang diminta dengan lengkap dan benar. Jika ditemukan dokumen yang tidak lengkap dan ketidaksesuaian data pada dokumen berkas lamaran, Anda akan dinyatakan gugur.
* Mohon mengurutkan posisi dokumen sesuai dengan yang tertera di butir pertama, agar membantu mempelancar proses verifikasi dokumen.

sumber :

10 August 2008

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru: PT. Optima Investama

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru: PT. Optima Investama,a fast growing Investment/Assets Management company in Indonesia ( Jakarta).
To support our fast growth, we are seeking for highly qualified professional candidates to join our team as:

1. Investment Manager
2. Dealing Manager
3. Compliance Manager
4. Marketing Manager
5. Customer Relation

Requirements :

- S-1 Degree,
- Have license as WMI/WAPERD from Capital Market Supervisory Agency (Bapepam-LK)

Only shortlisted candidate will be interviewed.
Please indicate the position you wish to apply on the envelope or as email subject and send your comprehensive resume to:
HRD Manager
PO BOX 4841
JKTM 12700

Lowongan Bank Indonesia Agustus 2008

Bank Indonesia mengundang profesional muda yang berintegritas dan berdedikasi tinggi melalui program Multi Level Entry untuk jabatan Non-Staf yang akan ditempatkan pada posisi Pengawas Bank Pertama dan beberapa posisi di bidang Logistik dan Teknologi Informasi.

Persyaratan Administratif:

1. Usia maksimum 30 tahun pada 1 Agustus 2008 (Lahir setelah 31 Juli 1978) untuk posisi Pengawas Bank Pertama (PBP)
2. Usia maksimum 31 tahun (Lahir setelah 31 Juli 1977) untuk posisi di bidang Logistik dan Teknologi Informasi
3. Pendidikan minimal D3; Diutamakan jurusan yang sesuai dengan persyaratan dan memiliki pengalaman kerja yang relevan dengan jabatan yang dilamar
4. IPK minimal: 2.5 (skala 4) dan perpadanannya bagi perguruan tinggi yang menerapkan pola penilaian yang berbeda
5. Memiliki Kemampuan berbahasa Inggris
6. Tidak mempunyai saudara kandung/ suami/ isteri yang bekerja sebagai pegawai atau calon pegawai Bank Indonesia
7. Bersedia menjalani ikatan dinas dan atau bersedia melepaskan ikatan dinas dari institusi lain
8. Hanya kandidat yang memenuhi persyaratan administratif dan pengalaman terbaik (shortlisted candidate) yang akan diikutkan dalam setiap tahapan seleksi
9. Penetapan shortlisted candidate dilakukan berdasarkan peringkat peserta per jabatan dan per Kantor Pusat/ wilayah Kantor Koordinator Bank Indonesia (KKBI)

Tata Cara Pengajuan Lamaran:

1. Penyampaian lamaran hanya dapat dilakukan melalui aplikasi on-line mulai 3 s/d 12 Agustus 2008. Tidak ada jalur lain yang digunakan dalam proses pengiriman lamaran
2. Seleksi akan diselenggarakan di Jakarta, Kantor Koordinator Bank Indonesia (KKBI) Medan, KKBI Padang, KKBI Bandung, KKBI Semarang, KKBI Surabaya, KKBI Denpasar, KKBI Makassar, KKBI Banjarmasin, dan 16 Kantor Bank Indonesia
3. Pelamar diperkenankan memilih satu kota sebagai tempat untuk mengikuti seleksi
4. Biaya dari dan ke tempat seleksi menjadi tanggung jawab peserta
5. Dalam proses seleksi ini pelamar tidak dipungut biaya apapun
6. Pelamar dihimbau untuk mengabaikan pihak-pihak yang menjanjikan dapat membantu kelulusan dalam proses seleksi ini.
The Indonesian Central Bank (BI) required for:
- Pengawas Bank Pertama
- Logistik dan Teknologi Informasi.

Registrasi on-line dan informasi lengkap: atau

04 August 2008


Company Description

TA Finance, is a fast growing company, joint venture between Toyota Financial Services Corp., Japan and PT Astra International Tbk., which focuses on automotive finance throughout Indonesia. We are committed in providing exceptional service to its customers with the aim of

“To be the Preferred Financing Solution for Toyota Ownership through Service Excellence”


Your main responsibility is auditing our company business process. it includes planning, checking, controlling and monitoring the process in the company.


· Bachelor degree from reputable university, major in Accounting, with min. GPA 3.2

· Understanding multi finance business, having experience in the same area would be preferred.

· Having a good analytical and critical thinking.

· Having a good communication skill.

· Able to work in a team.

· Literate in English is a must.

Please send your application letter and curriculum vitae, with the code in the right envelope not more than 2 weeks to (if our e-mail bounce, please send it by mail) :

Mega Plaza, 8th floor – Jl. Rasuna Said Kav C-3 Jakarta

Or email to :
(with code of position eg. IA (name))

Only short listed candidates will be notified

SINAR SOSRO, PT Lowongan kerja

Company Description

We are a well known beverage company in Indonesia, looking for professional, ambitious and highly motivated individual to join our team in a successful company for the position as:



* Max age 35 years old
* Graduated S1 degree from reputable University majoring Law/Psychology/HR Management. Master degree is an advantage
* Having 5 years experiences in HR field, especially in manufacture & distribution company
* Capable in handling HR duties and General Affairs
* Capable in handling : Administration, Employees salary payment, employee tax, Jamsostek
* Fluent in English both written and spoken is a must
* Good understand in Indonesia Man Power Regulation
* Good understand in HR Management and Training & Development
* Familiar with MS Office & internet
* Good in leadership, communication, posses positive motivation and has an interest in people development area
* Having excellent correspondence and administration skill
* Ability to work independently with high accuracy, detail oriented, strong critical thinker, strong negotiation & analytical skill
* Willing to work and located in Bekasi area

Please submit a comprehensive resume, current and expected salary details and recent photograph (with position on the subject) not later than 2 (two) weeks to:

Jl. Raya sultan Agung KM 28 Kelurahan Medan Satria
Bekasi 17132 Jawa Barat
E-mail : or
Please visit our site :

Lowongan kerja di AXIS


Company Description

We are a progressive and dynamic mobile services operator seeking to expand aggressively in Indonesia. We invite highly talented, dedicated and passionate profesionals to be part of a very dynamic and challenging environment

IT Data Warehouse Manager

Summary of Job Description:

- Work with marketing, customer service, finance, network, and management in determining the reporting requirements and objectives

- Lead and manage the development of all reporting and any EDW system and initiatives

- Act as interface between business and users requirements with systems integrators and system operations

- Develop and manage systems applications SLA’s and KPI’s with operations and vendors to ensure timeliness and integrity of information reported

- Define and manage organization data definitions and relationships

Job Qualification:

- Relevant degree in Information Technology

- Minimum 5-8 years of working experience in similar position

- Proficient with data analysis and EDW solutions

- Customer focus and services excellent mindset

- Excellent verbal and communications skill

Simply quick apply or send application and CV (max.200 KB) to:
Please ensure to put the job title on your email subject
(IT Data Warehouse Manager)


PT Nissan Motor Indonesia

Company Description

PT Nissan Motor Indonesia is a manufacture and distributor company of “Nissan” car. Nissan as a worldwide company with Japan investment, invite you to join our team, and grow with us.

Job Specification

Position : PPC Staff

Department : Production Control

Working Location : Purwakarta (Cikampek)

Job Description :

* Analyze daily production defect occurred
* Contact and confirm to local supplier regarding the local material problem
* To inform current problem in line production to all related section
* To have contact with Nissan Japan regarding the problem or to get information

Responsibilities :

* Create MS#2 (daily production planning in a month)
* Create and maintain database of vehicle identity (VIN, Engine Number, Chasis Number, etc)
* Production result control
* Print out barcode label and sticker
* Control RFID/barcode panel (power, hardware, network, etc)
* Coordinate part availability and production


· Bachelor degree from reputable university, major in Industrial or Informatics Engineering, with GPA min 3.00 out of 4.00 (preferable fresh graduate)

· Single, male, 22-27 years old.

· Fluent in English is a must, both oral and written.

· Willing to hard work in shift (morning and night)

Please submit your complete application letter

Before August 31, 2008 to:

HRD-GA Division


Gd. Nissan MT. Haryono 3rd floor

Jl.MT.Haryono Kav.10 Jakarta Timur 13330

(Code: PPC)

Or via email:

(Subject: PPC)

Only short listed candidates who meet requirement will be notified.


We are the second largest bottled water manufacturing company in Indonesia with manufacturing facility & distribution centers across Jabodetabek.

We are committed to produce & deliver pure, safe, and reliable drinking water.

In relation to vigorous organization expansion, we challenge you to gain better work and better life by taking opportunity to join our team.

Supervisor - Budget Control, Trade & Marketing Expenses


Recording Trade & Marketing expenses (prepaid, accrual, payment)
Providing regular report on Trade & Marketing expenses (budget versus actual)
Budget coordinator for Trade & Marketing expenses
Providing daily (regular) update on the budget spending
Verifying the invoices of Trade & Marketing expenses for payment process
Budget control on Trade & Marketing spending – verification on the claimed documents
Reviewing the contract of the clients to ensure that the Trade & Marketing expenses are as per agreed terms (promotion & deduction)
Updating the related SOPs including the required forms to ensure that the control is in place
Participating on related commercial project actively



Honest, integrity, credible
Meticulous and well organized
Self Discipline and self starter
Cooperative, proactive and initiative
Service Orientation
Can-do Attitude, problem solving and communicative
Able to meet tight deadline
Having Analytical skill


Education : Min Bachelor Degree (S1), preferred discipline Accounting, Management, Economics
Experience : Min 2 years in the same area


Current Curriculum Vitae plus color photo
Complete Address And Most Current Phone Number

Send your data at the latest two weeks after the posted date, to:


BANK JATIM, bank terbesar dan terkemukan di jawa timur, membuka posisi lowongan :

· D3, pendidikan tidak mutlak, SMA terbuka
· Tiga ( 3 ) tahun berpengalaman sebagai seketaris direktur atau manajer.
· Memiliki wajah cantik, penampilan menarik dan tubuh semampai sexy
· Pengalaman mengatur jadwal kerja dan hal pribadi direktur
· bersedia melakukan perjalanan dinas ke luar kota dan lembur
* Gaji di atas 12 juta sebulan dan tunjangan kesejatehteraan lainnya.
· Single dan memiliki kemampuan entertain menjadi nilai lebih

kandidat tertarik, segera kirimkan lamaran sebelum tgl 8 August 2008. ke alamat :

hanya kandidat yang menarik dan cocok akan di interview oleh direktur hrd langsung.

HRD Bank jatim
Jl. Basuki Rachmat No. 98-104 Surabaya
Telp. (031) 5310090 Fax. (031) 5470159
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Lowongan Kerja IT di Batavia Air

Dibutuhkan beberapa kandidat untuk mengisi berbagai posisi di divisi IT

1. Server Engineers

- Pria max 28 tahun

- pendidikan S-1 Tehnik Informatika

- Pengalaman 1 tahun atau non pengalaman

- Menguasai Program Linux os dan windows server

- Mempunyai Pengetahuan atau pengalaman dalam hal instalasi dan
maintenance mailserver, webserver, database server, serta DNS server

- Bersedia bekerja dalam shift

2. Helpdesk

- Min pendidikan D-3

- Pria max 28 tahun

- Mempunyai Skill dalam bidang hardware maupun software

- Fresh Graduate silahkan melamar

- Mempunyai kemampuan dalam pemecahan masalah

- bersedia bekerja dalam shift

3. database admin :

- Pria max 28 tahun

- pendidikan S-1 tehnik Informatika

- memilki pengalaman 1 tahun sebagai database admin

- menguasai SQL tunning

- menguasai Oracle 10g

- mengerti sistem operasi Linux

- memahami maintenance Data Base Admin

seperti install Data Base Admin

- pria atau wanita max 28 tahun

4. Network

- Pria max 28 tahun

- pendidikan min D-3 tehnik informatika

- Pengalaman maupun non pengalaman

- Memahami tt sisco router

- Memahami tentang getway

- Prinsipnya hanya tahu jaringan…TCP/IP, LAN, WAN, Firewall

5. Maintenance

- Pria max 28 tahun

- Pendidikan min D-3 tehnik informatika

- Pengalaman atau non pengalaman

- Mengerti hardware dan software

jika berminat segera kirim cv dan lamaran

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Lowongan Kerja Pramugari di Singapura Airlines

Do You Have What It Takes To make Us a Great Way to Fly ?


Do you dream of traveling the world and experiencing new cultures? Join us as Cabin Crew! Attractive remuneration of about SGD 3500 a month plus bonuses and annual free travel to any Singapore Airlines destination await you! For those interested in upgrading yourself, our Continuing Education Scheme presents opportunities annually.

If you have a passion for customer service, a flair for engaging people, and an appreciation for cultural diversity, we’d like you to partner us in our continual endeavor in making Singapore Airlines an even greater way to fly.

Keen to take up the challenge? We will be conducting interviews on 05 August 2008 at Jakarta Design Center (JDC) level 6, Lotus Room, Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto 53, Slipi-Jakarta. Please download and bring the completed application form, a passport-sized photograph, original(s) of your birth certificate, education certificates and identify card for registration between 9am to 3pm.

Pleases visit
for more information.






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