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21 August 2008


INDOSATM2 is the Internet, Multimedia and other IP based Services Provider. Those kind of services such as: High Speed / Dedicated Internet, Dial up Internet, TV Cable, VPN (Virtual Private Network), Hosting and Collocation, VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol), B2B and B2C E-Commerce.

IndosatM2 is fully subsidiary company of PT. Indosat ( The Telecommunication Service Provider in Indonesia), starting to operate at year 2000 and giving the services for company, organization and personal / residential in Indonesia, supported by a highest capacity network which was connected to the Global Internet.

General Qualifications

* Warga Negara Indonesia (WNI)

* Lulus program D3 ataupun Strata 1

* IPK minimum 2.80 dari skala 4 (untuk lulusan Universitas Negeri) dan 3.00 dari skala 4 (untuk lulusan Universitas Swasta)

* Memiliki pengalaman kerja minimal 2-3 tahun di posisi yang sama

* Tidak sedang menjalani Ikatan Dinas pada Instansi lain

* Tidak sedang dalam urusan dengan kepolisian dan pengadilan

* Bersedia ditempatkan di seluruh wilayah operasional PT Indosat Mega Media

Here the opportunities, click the Job Title to view the detail of Job Vacancy.

* Goverment Relation Officer

* Assistant Manager Corporate Communication

* Akuntansi Persediaan Officer

* Akuntansi Pendapatan Officer

* Perpajakan dan Umum Officer

* Cash Bank Officer

* Collection Officer

* Customer Admin Retail Officer

* Industrial Relation Officer

* Supervisor Retention

* Partnership & Development

* Supervisor QA

* Technical Support - Customer Service

* Supervisor Walk In Center

* Building Maintenance

* Inventory Corporate Officer

* Inventory Retail Officer

* Application Specialist

* Database Specialist

* Maintenance Trouble Handling

* Wireless Officer

* Operation NOC Staff

* Satellite NOC Manager

* Operation Satellite NOC

* Assistant Manager Capacity Planning & Management

* Assistant Manager Procurement OPEX

* Assistant Manager Procurement Admin

* Assistant Manager Technology Strategy

* Access Technology Strategy Officer

* Assistant Manager System Development

* Product Development System

* Partnership Entertainment Officer

* VAS & Content Development Officer

* Analyst Junior

* Quality Assurance

* Planning Accsess Officer

* Engineering Wireline Officer

* Internal Auditor

* National Retention Officer

* Program Channel Officer

* Assistant Manager Area / Koordinator Area (NAD)

* Marketing and Sales Support

* Account Manager (Sales Corporate)

* Account Executive (Sales SOHO/SME Department)

* Technical Support - Proffesional Service

* Account Executive (Jabar Area)

* Area Support Officer (Bali&Nusra Area)

* Account Executive Retail & Corporate (Jateng & Jogja Area)

* Assistant Manager untuk Bali & Nusra Area

* Assistant Manager Area / Koordinator Area (Riau Kepulauan)

* Assistant Manager Area / Koordinator Area (SumSel-Babel)

* Assisstant Manager Area / Koordinator Area (Lampung)

* Assistant Manager Marketing

* Account Executive (Corporate Sales) Jatim Area

* Account Executive (Retail-Direct Sales) Jatim Area

* Marketing Officer (Regional Support-East Regional)

* Account Executive (Retail-Channel Distribution) Jatim Area

There are two ways to apply our vacancies.


1. You can sign up your personal email to get “Experd Account” in our website

2. Please complete the registration form and submit your email account.

3. We will send you the information about username, password to your personal email.

4. To activate your “Experd Account”, please confirm our email by clicking the confirmation link that we’ve sent to your personal email.

5. After you activate your “Experd Account”, you can create your curriculum vitae step by step or download our CV template. (Don’t forget to write down your details : personal data, education, and your experience)

6. For applying the vacancies, please choose the vacancy that you are interested to apply, and then click “Quick Apply”

7. Your data will be saved in our database and we will process it immediately. If there is any progress, we will inform you by phone or email.

8. Visit our website regularly to get our update vacancies.


1. Visit website, get the information about IndosatM2 and the vacancies.

2. For applying, choose the vacancy that you are interested to.

3. Clik Button “Quick Apply” and your data will be saved in our database. We will inform you the recruitment progress (if there’s any progress)

4. If you haven’t had “Experd Account” yet, you have to sign up to be our member first.

5. Please Sign Up to our website

6. Visit our website regularly to get our update vacancies.

If you need more information about IndosatM2 or the vacancies, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or Hotline Service 021-75906448 (Monday - Friday at 09.00 am - 05.00 pm)

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