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07 October 2009

Lowongan CPNS Depsos 2009 (Exp :12 Oktober 2009)



Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia re-open the opportunity for the son / daughter of Indonesia's best to join the Civil Service Candidate Formation Year 2009 in the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Citizens of the Republic of Indonesia, is devoted to the Lord YME, loyal and obedient to the Pancasila, the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945 and the Republic of Indonesia.
Not domiciled as CPNS / PNS / TNI / police.
Not located as a member and / or officials of Political Parties.
Was never sentenced to prison or confinement by a court decision.
Never be dismissed with respect not his own request or not with respect as PNS / TNI / police, or dismissed with no respect for private employees.
Free from Drugs and other addictive substances.
Aged at least 18 (eighteen) years and maximum 35 (thirty five) years at 01 December 2009.
Registering on-line at website or https: / / /.
Physically and spiritually healthy evidenced by a certificate from government doctors.
Computer literate minimal Office programs and Internet.
Ready and willing to be placed in all regions of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance formation.
Not being bound by employment contracts with Institutions other than the Ministry of Social Affairs.
Following the selection process.
Formation CPNS 2009 Department of Social Affairs.

Selection carried out with the fall system, consisting of:
Phase I Registration for on-line at the website above (point 1.8)
Applicants who have made application on line and upload / upload a digital photo will get a registration number and the form and then must send the proposal.
Phase II Selection of Administrative
Applicants who will be included in the administrative selection process applicants only have to register online.
Applicants who passed the administrative selection will be called following the next stage, a maximum of 10 (ten) times the formation of a type of education.
Write a Phase III Trials
Written test is planned to be implemented in three areas namely: the Sumatra / determined later for Region I, the island of Java for Region II and the island of Sulawesi for Region III. Decision Number Test, location and time of the exam will be determined later and informed no later than the day before the execution. Applicants who passed will be called following the next stage.
Stage IV Interview
Interviews will be held in Jakarta. Location and time of implementation will be informed later.
The results of each stage of selection will be announced at:
Applicants registering online (point 1.8) at the latest on October 12, 2009;
Upload / upload new fitting color digital photo format. Jpg,. Gif,. Bmp or. Png with a maximum size of 50 KB (fifty pounds byte);
Print a registration form with the size of F4 (Folio), the statement, the statement would not ask to move / transfer, the statement would not require adjustment of certificate and letter of permission from the Husband / Wife / Parent;
Application Form send a handwritten (as an example format attached), using black ink, addressed to the Minister of Social Affairs, cq Head of Organization and Civil Service Bureau, and is equipped with (in order):
Pas recent color photo size 3 x 4 cm who had inscribed the name behind a number of 2 sheets,
The registration forms have been signed (point 4.3),
Photocopy diploma and transcript values have been legalized by the authorities (each 1 double),
Potocopy accreditation letter from the department authorized institutions that have legalized (1 double),
Photocopy Job Seeker Sign Card (Yellow Card) is still valid from Manpower Agencies (1 double).
Note Certificate Photocopy of Police (SKCK) is still valid (1 double).
Photocopy letter physical and spiritual health of the government doctors (1 double).
Letter Statement completed and signed on stamp duty (point 4.3).
Waiver would not ask to move / transfer the completed and signed on stamp duty (point 4.3).
Waiver will not require adjustment of certificate completed and signed on stamp duty (point 4. 3).
Permit completed and signed over the seal of the husband / wife for a married or parents b agi unmarried (point 4.3).
Photocopy adoption decree contract workers who have been legalized (especially for those who are bound by employment contracts with the Ministry of Social Affairs).
Letter from PERTUNI (special for the Blind disabled applicants)
Each applicant is required to select one area of the desired placements. Location placement area consists of:
Region I includes the island of Sumatra,
Region II includes the island of Java, Kalimantan, Bali and West Nusa Tenggara,
Region III includes the island of Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua and East Nusa Tenggara.
Application documents inserted into a plain brown envelope (size 350 mm x 240 mm) the applicant's name and registration number pendaft Aran in the upper left corner. Each applicant is only allowed to submit one application file. Application documents sent by mail addressed to:
         PO BOX 1213 JKP 10,012 for Area I;
         PO BOX 1210 JKP 10,012 for Region II;
         PO BOX 1144 JKP 10,011 for Region III.
No later than October 15, 2009 (postmark).
For those who do not meet the requirements in order not to make an offer.
Application documents have been entered into the Procurement Team's CPNS and non-refundable.
CPNS Procurement Team will only accept registrations online through the web site address and the date of the above (Point 4.1) and just accept the applicant's documents sent to PO Box above by applicants who have made application on line.
Applicants can only get the Registration Form after registering online.
The entire procurement process CPNS Ministry of Social Affairs are not charged a fee.
Ministry of Social Affairs is not responsible for any charges or offer any form by rogue elements who on behalf of the Department of Social Affairs or the Procurement Team CPNS.
Application has been filed before the announcement was declared invalid and must be sent back according to the above provisions.
The entire procurement team CPNS decision is final and can not be contested.

                   Jakarta, 01 Oktober 2009
                             YEAR 2009

                 ARMAY, SH. M. Hum, MM
                NIP. 19590406 198003 1 002

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