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07 October 2009

Lowongan Kerja CPNS BADAN STANDARDISASI NASIONAL / BSN 2009 (1-24Oktober 2009)

Number: 1918/BSN/B2-b2/09/2009 

National Standardization Agency as a non-departmental government institution (Officials) who had the task in the field of standardization in the year 2009 give an opportunity to the best sons and daughters of the nation to become an employee of BSN through Acceptance Candidate Selection for Civil Servants (CPNS) Group III and II in 2009 with the following requirements:

A. Formation:
Formations that are available as many as 40 CPNS general applicants with details as follows:

B. Conditions Apply

    1. Indonesian Citizen
    2. Education Level

a. Bachelor S1:

graduate of State Universities / Private accredited A with GPA> 2.75

graduate of State Universities / Private accredited B with GPA> 3.00

b. Diploma III

graduate of State Universities / Private accredited A with GPA> 2.75

graduate of State Universities / Private accredited B with GPA> 3.00

    1. Mastered English well (verbally and written), as evidenced by the results of English proficiency test (TOEFL) is still valid, with a minimum value for D III 350, and 450 for S1 and can operationalize the computer.
    2. Age

a. Minimum 18 years and maximum 30 years on January 1, 2010 for Graduate S1

b Minimum and maximum 18 years old 26 years old on January 1, 2010 for Diploma III

    1. Own Job Seeker Card (Yellow Card) issued by the Department of Labor (completed at the time accepted as stated CPNS BSN)
    2. Able-bodied, evidenced by Certificate Healthy body and mind are made by doctors.
    3. Never be dismissed with no disrespect at his own request or no respect as well as civil servants or private employees.
    4. Not domiciled as CPNS / PNS / Candidate Members of TNI / Police members and candidate members of the TNI / Police members
    5. Not a caretaker and / or members of political parties

C. Registration Conditions

1. Admission Application Form

a. Registration open from 1 s.d. October 24, 2009 (postmark)

b. Committee did not receive a cover letter that was delivered directly

c. Cover letter was handwritten in black ink and signed by the applicant, with the attached Form I as an example in the announcement BSN website.

d. In a letter of application must indicate the position to be proposed

e. Cover letter sent by post or Recorded Delivery Service, addressed to:



             Manggala Wanabakti Building

             BLOCK IV Lt.4, JLN. JEND. Gatot Subroto, Senayan

             JAKARTA 10,270

2. Letter of application and completed form to:

a. Recent passport photo (color), size 4 x 6 by 4 pieces (include name on the back of photo).

b. Photocopies Identity Card (KTP) is still valid

c. Able-bodied certificate (original) from a doctor of Public Health Center / Public Health / Government Hospital which is still valid.

d. List of CVs (CV)

e. Letter Ketrerangan Note Kepolisain (SKCK) is still valid.

f. Graduate diploma copy (S-1) / Diploma III (D-III) following the certified transcript by the Dean / Head of the Graduate College / Diploma III (Graduate Graduate certificate / diploma and diploma while not acceptable)

g. TOEFL score copy of valid

h. Letter Statement willing to pay compensation spiked above signature stamp as an example Rp.6000 Form II.


3. Letter of application and a form with the attachments neatly arranged and held together with clamps in the order provisions of item 2 in the folder:

- Blue for S1 Bachelor

- The color yellow for the Diploma III

incorporated into a brown envelope and given a folio size paper "Application Files CPNS BSN 2009". With office vacancy mention of interest in the left corner of the envelope proposal.

  D. Stages and schedule selection

The selection is the system gradually fall as follows:

a. Administrative selection (checking the suitability and completeness of educational qualifications according to the requirements file). For participants who meet the stated requirements are eligible administrative selection and written tests will be called through the website to take the mark BSN Trial Participants.

b. Participants sign Terulis Selection Examination taken by the candidates themselves (not assignable) with the original document as: diplomas, TOEFL, transcripts and other documents which are determined according to the requirements to be presented to the committee.

c. Written selection.

d. Interviews

e. Psychological Tests

E. Results Announcement and Location Selection Trials

    1. Only applicants who meet all the conditions (Point B and C) which will be called to take the test.
    2. If the number of participants who satisfy the requirements exceed the amount specified examinees. The committee imposed based ranking system for the undergraduate GPA / Diploma III.
    3. Candidate's name, date and location of the test and the call to take the test will be announced through the website BSN
    4. Participants sign their own selection by the participants taken at the office of BSN.
    5. Written exam will we let you know later
    6. Name of participants who passed each stage of the exam will be announced through the website of BSN.

F. Others.

    1. Candidates for admission to the Civil Service BSN NOT charged a fee.
    2. Cover letter sent to BSN before this announcement does not apply (see point C.1a)
    3. Participants who passed the CPNS BSN Certificate are required to submit the Free Use of Drugs from the doctor to the Committee pemberkasan time.
    4. Applicants who do not re-do the registration / report at the appointed time passed after the fall and is considered resigned
    5. Website BSN:
    6. Committee phone number (021) 574 7043 aircraft 107 (weekdays 09.00 - 15.00 WIB)

 Jakarta, 30 September 2009
Head of Legal Bureau, Organization, and PR BSN,

Dra. Sumartini Maksum

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