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08 October 2009

Lowongan CPNS Komisi Yudisial 2009 (5 - 14 Oktober 2009 (stempel pos))



Judicial Commission
In order to complete the formation of Civil Service Candidates for Fiscal Year 2009, as
with the Decree of the Minister of Administrative Reform Tax: 284 Year 2009,
September 10, 2009, the Secretariat General of the Judicial Commission of the Republic of Indonesia opened the
opportunity to all citizens of the Republic of Indonesia is interested in a candidate
Civil Servants General Secretariat within the Judicial Commission, with qualifications and
following provisions:


1. Requirements Applicants:
a. General Requirements
1) Indonesian Citizens;
2) devoted to God Almighty;
3) Having a high integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia;
4) Never sentenced to prison by a court decision which has the power
permanent law, evidenced by Certificate of Police Notes;
5) Never be dismissed with respect not his own request or not
with respect as CPNS / PNS / TNI Member / Members of the State Police or
dismissed with respect as private employees;
6) Not domiciled as CPNS / PNS / Candidate Members of TNI / Police and Prospective Members
Members of TNI / Police members;
7) Meet the requirements of educational qualifications and professional Uenjang) in accordance with the
formation position;
8) On 1 Oesember 2009 at the age of 18 years and lower the highest 35 years;
9) Healthy body and spirit evidenced by the Certificate of Ookter Healthy

b. Special Requirements:
1) A certificate of approved applicants is 03/S1 certificate obtained from university
State / Private who have received accreditation or certificate is obtained from university
High Foreign Affairs, which has received the determination of equivalency of the Assessment Committee
Foreign diplomas Oepartemen National Education.
2) For Applicants 03/S1 Cumulative Performance Index (GPA) of at least 2.75 (two point seven five)
Applicants for vocational and average value of "Written Test" pad a degree not less than 6
3. Application attached file:
a. Cover letter written and signed himself with the black ink on paper duly stamped
Rp. 6000, - addressed to the Secretary General of the Judicial Commission,
JI. Kramat Raya No. 57 Jakarta Pusat by name and code positions
writing pad a desired upper left corner of the envelope;
b. Cover letter sent to the Secretariat General of Judicial Commission began to date
5 sid October 14, 2009 (postmarked) PO Box 2685 through 0450 with JKP1 enclosing:
1) Photocopy of valid final certificate and transcript values have been legalized by the officials
University by the Rector Oekan I Oekan Academic Assistant
High School Assistant Chief Chief Division I Academic
Academic and Polytechnic Oirektur and Assistant Academic Oirektur
Vocational / Vocational High School by the Principal
2) Photo copy of the Police Information Note issued by the party
authorities / police who have been legalized;
3) Photocopy of certificate of physical and spiritual health of the government doctors;
4) Photocopy of certificate not consume / use of narcotic, psychotropic,
precursor and other addictive substances from the government health service units (equipped
if considered to have passed the written selection);
5) Photograph size 3 x 4 cm by 4 pieces;
6) Copy of valid ID card;
7) Copy of Job Seeker Card (yellow card) that has been legalized.
c. Letter of application and attachments neatly arranged and put into a folder
1) GREEN for vocational
2) YELLOW for 03
3) RED for S1
4. Selection Administration:
1. Application documents will be accepted administrative selection;
2. For applicants who meet the administrative requirements will be announced through the site
Official internet Judicial Commission and the bulletin board
planned on October 21, 2009;
3. For applicants who passed the administrative selection, participants can take Alerts
Exam at the Office of Judicial Commission, JI. Kramat Raya No. 57, Jakarta Pusat pad a date
22 sid October 23, 2009.
5. Other:
1. For applicants who do not meet the requirements as specified, will not be
included in the selection / examination;
2. Committee did not accept the applicant's documents are delivered directly to the Office of Commission
Judicial RI;
3. The applicant is free of charge.
4. The applicant is expected to be careful and do not serve the parties promising
5. For applicants who have passed the selection process but to resign
required to reimburse the committee had spent Rp. 15.000.000, - (five
Twelve million rupiah);
6. CPNS Procurement Committee decision the General Secretariat of the Judicial Commission of the Republic
Budget year 2009 Indonesia was absolute inviolability.
Jakarta, October 2, 2009
Committee Chairman
Procurement CPNS
Judicial Commission of the Republic of Indonesia

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