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03 October 2009

Lowongan Kerja CPNS Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT) 2009 (03 – 14 Oktober 2009)

 Pengumuman Selengkapnya Disini

Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) to open career opportunities in the field of engineering with the status of Civil Servants (PNS) for fiscal year 2009.

If you have integrity, idealism, and capable of continuous learning in the field of study and application of technology, we invite you to join us.

Registration of applicants, qualifications required, the provisions of the selection process and announcement of the complete graduation only be done through online registration at the civil servant recruitment portals BPPT:, there is no other path is used in the application delivery process.

The qualifications required are:

Download here

Terms of General Administration

    1. Indonesian citizen.
    2. Maximum age: 20 years old SMK, DIII 24 years, 28 years old S1, S2 32 years, or a maximum 35-year-old with a minimum working experience of 5 years.
    3. Berijasah accordance with specified qualifications, preferably with the accreditation of Universities BAN A.
    4. For foreign graduates have qualifications recognized by the Directorate General of Higher Education - Dep. National Education
    5. GPA:
           * DIII minimum 2.75 (scale of 4)
           * S1 minimum 2.75 (scale of 4)
           * S2 minimum 3.25 (scale of 4)

NEM / Nun: Average - Average 7.5

    1. Was never sentenced to prison or confinement by a court decision that already had permanent legal force, because doing something criminal act.
    2. Never be dismissed with respect not his own request or does not respect the Civil Service, or no respect for private employees
    3. No status as a candidate for Civil Servants / Civil Servant.
    4. Willing to be placed in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia or other countries determined by the government.
    5. Not a caretaker and / or members of political parties.
    6. Healthy (physically and spiritually, and not color blind).
    7. Compulsory and willing to be placed in Jakarta, Serpong, Lampung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta or Denpasar.

Description: 6 to 11 points will be given a separate statement

Furthermore the applicant's documents together with staples and put into a large brown envelope addressed to the Procurement Team BPPT FY 2009 civil servants such as the example below:

Andi Syarifudin, S. TNO. Registration: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

Jl. Melati Indah 100

Rt. 001 Rw. 06 Jakarta Pusat

S.1 Mechanical Engineering

Procurement of civil servants to BPPT Yth.Tim FY 2009

BPPT Building I Floor 6

Jl. MH. Thamrin no. 8

JAKARTA 10,340

The documents specific requirements for the Image Applications:

           * Print / Print Registration Form printed directly from the application site BPPT (after finished filling application data)
           * Pass photos 3 x 4 = 2 pieces (written name, field of science and online registration number)
           * Copy of diploma and last transcript legalized education.
             For civil servants receiving process, the last of Education Diploma required, while the Graduation Certificate NOT APPLY.
           * Copy of valid ID card.
           * Copy of the title page and abstract final assignment / thesis
           * Copy of the information work experience, for those who have / are working.
           * Application is received no later than the Procurement Team PNS BPPT Fiscal (FY) 2009 dated October 14, 2009.

Files submitted in a sealed envelope addressed to:

Procurement Team BPPT FY 2009 PNS

BPPT Building I Floor 6

Jl. MH. Thamrin no. 8

JAKARTA 10,340


Registration online: 03 - October 14, 2009


Administrative Selection: October 27, 2009

Sign-making Participants: 29 - October 30, 2009

Written Test: 03 November 2009

Announcements Phase I: 09 November 2009

Job Test / Interview: 12, 13, 16 and 17 November 2009

Announcements Phase II / Final: 23 November 2009

Image collection CPNS: 24, 25, 26 November 2009

Estimated Entry Work: early January 2010

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