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13 October 2009

Lowongan Kerja CPNS BPS 2009 (14-23 Oktober 2009)


Based on the Decree of the Minister of Administrative Reform No. 286 Year 2009 dated 10 September 2009 on the Formation of Civil Service Statistics (BPS) for Fiscal Year 2009, BPS opens opportunities for citizens of the Republic of Indonesia is interested in a candidate for Civil Servants (CPNS) in the environment BPS with the following conditions:
Education Qualifications

     * S1 Statistik/S1 Matematika/S1 Engineering Komputer/S1 System Informatika/S1 Economic Studies Informasi/S1 System Pembangunan/S1 Economic Manajemen/S1 Manajemen/S1 Social Sciences Komunikasi/S1 Agricultural Economics (Agribusiness) 226 people *
     * D3 Statistik/D3 Matematika/D3 Engineering Informatika/D3 Engineering Management Informatika/D3 Economic Komputer/D3 Management Manajemen/D3 Communication Masyarakat/D3 Relations Administrasi/D3 Social Massa/D3 Agricultural Economics (Agribusiness) / D3 Agricultural Extension and Communication 379 people *
     * S1 English Literature 3 people
     * S1 Communication Sciences 2 people
     * S1 Accounting 14 people
     * S1 Dentist 1 person
     * S1 Sociology 1 person
     * S1 Psychology 2 people
     * S1 Geography (Cartography) 10 people
     * D3 Electrical Engineering 2 people
     D3 Mechanical Engineering * 2 people
     * D3 in Civil Engineering 1 person
     * D3 Graphic 2 people
     * D3 Graphic Design 2 people
     * D3 Filing / Secretary 15 people
     * D3 Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Science, Management Information, Economic Management, Management Administration, Public Relations, Mass Communication, Social and Agricultural Economics (Agribusiness), Agricultural Extension and Communication 2 people

Applicant Requirements

     * On December 1, 2009, aged a minimum of 19 years and maximum: 25 years for graduates of D-III, and 30 years for graduates of S1
     * When applying for already have a diploma or the State Universities Private Universities accredited A or B. If the certificate does not mention the need to be attached accreditation certificate from the concerned universities that mention accreditation.
     * Limit minimum GPA: 2.50 of 4.00 scale

Applying Procedures

     * Shipping proposal opened on 14-23 October 2009 (Cap Pos)
     * For applicants in the BPS, the applicant's documents delivered through the post addressed to the Admission Committee of the BPS CPNS 2009. For applicants in the BPS province, the applicant's documents can be submitted by mail to the address BPS each province in the whole of Indonesia, except BPS DKI Jakarta Province (addresses attached below this article)
     * Sieve Phase II written examination will be held on Sunday, November 8, 2009 at BPS / (each of which apply) and / or any other place provided the committee

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