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18 September 2009

Lowongan Kerja CPNS Badan Kepegawaian Negara 2009 (exp : 30 September 2009)

In order to fill the vacancy formation Civil Service Candidates for Fiscal Year 2009, as stipulated in the Decree of the Minister of State Administrative Reform No. 241 Year 2009, dated August 31, 2009, the State Personnel Agency opened an opportunity for citizens of the Republic of Indonesia is interested in a candidate Employees Civil Affairs within the State Personnel Agency, with the following provisions:

General Requirements Applicants:

1. Indonesian citizen who devoted to God Almighty, loyal, and obedient to the Pancasila, the Constitution
1945, and the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.
2. Of good character and never sentenced to prison or confinement by a court decision that has
permanent legal force.
3. Never be dismissed with respect not his own request or not with respect as
PNS / Members of TNI / police, or dismissed with respect as a private employee.
4. No status as a candidate for Civil Servants or Civil Servants and not being bound
agreements / contracts with other agencies.
5. Meet qualification requirements (level and direction) in accordance with the requirements.
6. Physical and spiritual health.
7. Willing to apply not move for 5 (five) years and placed in all areas
The Republic of Indonesia or other countries determined by the Government.
8. Completing the following application requirements specified attachment;

Formation Acceptance

* General Practitioner: 2 people
* S2 Psychology: 2 people
* S1 English: 2 people
* S1 Sospol: 7 people
* S1 Accounting: 8 people
* S1 Psychology: 4 people
* S1 Computers: 13 people
* S1 Law: 15 people
* S1 Communication: 6 people
* D3 Nursing: 1 person
* D3 Sospol: 7 people
* D3 Library: 1 person
* D3 Accounting: 4 people
* D3 Computers: 20 people
* D3 Elektro: 6 people

Venue and Time Registration

* Admission Information and Applications held at the Secretariat of the Central Procurement Team Possible Civil Servant State Personnel Agency (BKN), Jalan Letjen Sutoyo No. 12 Cililitan, East Jakarta.
* Time Registration for Admission and Application Information and Regional Office Center I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, IX, X, XI and XII on 15 -30 September 2009 starting at 09.00 s / d 15.00 WIB, on the day work.

BKN Regional Office Location

* I BKN Regional Office in Yogyakarta.
* II BKN Regional Office in Surabaya.
* III BKN Regional Office in Bandung.
* IV BKN Regional Office in Makassar.
* V BKN Regional Office in Jakarta.
* BKN VI Regional Office in Medan.
* BKN VII Regional Office in Palembang.
* BKN IX Regional Office in Jayapura.
* X BKN Regional Office in Denpasar.
* BKN XI Regional Office in Manado.
* Office of Regional XII BKN in Pekanbaru.

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