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22 January 2010

Lowongan Kerja Update Mooring Master Yunior Pertamina

Opportunities within Pertamina are extremely wide because we operate such a diverse set of businesses: Exploration & Production, Refining, Distribution to Marketing of products, and geothermal. The efforts of our employees, at every level, contribute daily to the transformation of the company and the achievement of our strategic goals. At Pertamina, we invest in our future by investing in you. We are investing more than ever before in cultivating young talents, future leaders, with the task of steering Pertamina through the challenges ahead. We are also committed to advanced research and development, driven by cutting-edge technology.
A vital element in the transformation is a change in our culture. We are committed to continuously develop performance-focused culture. We give you the same opportunity to develop ideas, creativity, and innovation. We give you the opportunity to unleash your potential. We sure that you can give the best performance to the company.

Mooring Master Yunior

    * Carry out coordination with related echelon before carrying out the task
    * Checking all vessel equipment to be used in good condition
    * Checking all the facilities that support the Bantu Harbor Mooring Operation - Unmooring in a state ready for operation
    * Taking the current situation / weather for the safety Mooring - Unmooring
    * Carry out a precautionary measure, in a state of urgency and make decisions necessary to the security of the ship / terminal
    * Conducting surveillance operations during the STS VLCC / LR bound in SPM Cilacap, Kalbut STS, STS / SPM Balikpapan, Cengkareng SPM, SPM Belawan, TT Manggis, STS / SPM Balongan and Bay Sts Watermelon, LPG tow BMU and work locations Mooring Master another
    * Carry out the supervision and care, take actions necessary for the smooth, security and safety, stay alert on board the ships during the STS / SPM loading activities / unloading
    * Provide advice to the Shore Management to take decisions that need to
    * Monitoring the condition of SPM equipment or equipment at the location / operation STS / SPM / Jetty for the safety of operations and report to the relevant echelons
    * Carry out site survey on the new STS region and provide inputs to
    * Carry out duties as a liaison between the ship with the land
    * Carry out duties as a safety supervisor
    * Carry out lean and lean


    * Formal Education
          o ANT I (Master Mariner)
          o Maritime Pilot Certificate (+ endorsement, min. 2011)
    * Have expertise
          o Ability Ship Motion
          o Able to speak English actively
          o Ability to duty at sea / on the ship
          o Able to operate PC
    * Having experience in the field of Ship Motion Olah
          o Minimum 5 (five) years as the helmsman, or
          o Minimum 3 (three) years as a Scout Airports
    * Having excellent health
    * Age maximum 45 years
    * Having knowledge and certification in the field
          o Radar Simulator
          o ARPA Simulator
          o Survival Craft and Rescue Boat
          o ISPS Code
          o ECDIS
          o Bridge Team Management
          o Ship Handling and Maneouvering Course
          o Oil Tanker Specialized Programs
          o IMDG Code

Value Scan transcript is a document that must be given when you apply to this position. For the CV that is not in scan transcripts value, can not follow the next process. To register please via the link below.

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