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31 January 2010

Lowongan Kerja PT Kereta Api

PT. Kereta Api (Persero) provides the opportunity for the children of Indonesia's best for the career and built a company with the following conditions:
Criteria Applicants

    * Citizens the State of Indonesia (WNI)
    * Gender: Male and Female
    * Age Max of 31 December 2009: Level Bachelor (S1) 35 years, Level Diploma (D3) 30 years
    * Graduated college / private accredited "A" in accordance with qualifications / department is required, except for certain departments that do not have accredited "A"
    * Not in labor ties with other agencies, including PT. Kereta Api (Persero)
    * Minimum GPA 2.7
    * Healthy body and mind and not color blind
    * Behave Well

General Requirements Application

    * Letter of application (handwritten) and signed on stamp Rp.6.000, 00 (six thousand dollars) by the participants to attach
    * Copy of the last certificate has been legalized
    * Copy of transcripts that have been legalized
    * Copy of National Identity Card (KTP) is still valid
    * Copy of Birth Certificate / Birth Know
    * Pas recent color photo size 4 x 6 cm, as many as 4 (four) pieces (given name)
    * Certificate of Good Behavior Police are still valid
    * Letter Prepared Statement in place throughout the company duly stamped Rp. 6.000,00
    * Curiculum Vitae, to include work experience up to this time, the certificate (skill / vocational), which has the highest Diploma if any
    * Letter from a doctor concerning the health of government
    * Card job seekers (ak / 1) of the Local Disnaker

Apply Procedure

    * Applicants must complete / entry of data on job application forms are available through the link below this announcement.
    * Form completed the printed and signed by the applicants and with the requirements included in the sealed brown envelope with a list CODE MAJOR / PROGRAM OF STUDY in the upper left and the NUMBER REGISTER printed from the website at the top right corner, sent by post no later than the date February 5, 2010 (postmarked) with the address:

PO BOX 1674 BANDUNG 40000

Special Requirements for Certain Department

    * Graduate Psychology has prioritized the Professional Psychology.
    * Bachelor of Law has prioritized the Advocate and Certificates or have experience in business law.
    * Bachelor of Accountancy has precedence Certificate / Brevet Tax A - B.
    * Diploma in Architecture preferred that controls the Computer Aid Application Design (CAD)
    * For those who have special requirements above in order to attach a copy of the certificate along with a cover letter

Required Education and the Department Code

Bachelor (S1)

    * Mechanical Engineering
          o Energy Conversion (SKEN)
          o Construction (SKON)
    * Civil Engineering (SSIP)
    * Technical Architecture (SARS)
    * Electrical Engineering
          o Electronics (SELE)
          o Control (SCHOOL)
          o Electricity (SLIS)
          o Telecommunications (STEL)
    * Industrial Engineering (SIND)
    * Computer Science
          o IT Management (SIMA)
          o Applications (SIPA)
          o Technology Network (SIJA)
    * Engineering Physics (SFIS)
    * Economic Accounting (SEAK)
    * Economic Management (SMAN)
    * Law (SHUK)
    * Psychology (SPSI)
    * Education (Curriculum) (SKUR)

Diploma 3

    * D3 Economic Accounting (Deak)
    * D3 Mechanical Engineering (DMES)
    * D3 in Civil Engineering (DSIP)
    * D3 Electrical Engineering
          o Electricity (DLIS)
          o Telecommunications (DTEL)
          o Electronics (DELE)
    * D3 Graphic Design (DGRA)
    * D3 Interior Design (DINT)
    * D3 Engineering Informatics (DINF)
    * D3 Tourism (DPAR)
    * D3 Tax (DPAJ)
    * D3 Economic Management (DMAN)
    * D3 Architecture (DARS)
    * D3 Adm. Company (DADM)
    * D3 Engineering Railways (DTKA)
    * D3 Logistics (DLOG)

Selection Stages

    * Phase I Psikotest, estimated date February 13, 2010

    * Phase II Testing of Health, estimated date 27-28 February 2010

    * Stage III Interview, approximately in March 2010

    * The implementation of the tests conducted in Bandung

Other provisions

    * Applicants who are called to follow the first phase of selection, only the applicants who passed the selection of administrative / meet appropriate criteria and short list that will be announced on February 10, 2010.
    * Announcement / call of participants who will participate in the selection process, can be accessed at the website of PT Kereta Api (link attached at the end of this article) and the correspondence was not done.
    * Every implementation of selection, participants must carry identity cards that have been affixed participants pasphoto and shown to the committee.
    * Card participants sign can be obtained by logging in using the user name and password in accordance with the online registration (user name and password must not forget).
    * Applications that are submitted are not refundable.
    * Applications which had been sent to PT. Kereta Api (Persero) prior to this notice becomes void.
    * In this selection process was not charged a fee and are encouraged to ignore the parties that promise to help the graduation.
    * In the selection process this fall and the system applies the committee's decision can not be contested.
To register please use the first link below and to access the website of PT Kereta Api please use the links second.Web 1 ---- Web 2

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