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17 January 2010

Lowongan Kerja Update Citi Bank

Citi has 12,000 offices in 140 countries around the globe. We have been around for nearly two centuries and over that time, have cultivated the world’s largest financial services network. Citi is built on the experience of 300,000 employees and we’re glad you are interested in joining our company.

Global Consumer Group (GCG) Management Associates (MA)
Citibank Management Associate (MA) Program is one of a kind development program which you can not find in- or compare with- other institutions. If you want to build your career and have a solid experience in Banking industry, then Citibank Management Associate (MA) Program is your gateway to achieve it. It is designed for high potential people to gain knowledge and experience from the experts, thus one day they will be ready to fill in key position and lead this organization.
The Indonesia GCG MA Program a 36 months in duration and comprises of:
One year rotation
  • During first year, MAs will lead three projects at three different functions: Back Office, Middle Office and Front Office, of which each project must be completed within three months. All projects are a real business project, hence it is a challenging one as MAs are required to come up with out-of-the box solution.
Two year placement in two different areas
  • The one-year rotation will be followed by a two-year placement where we assign MAs to areas which will expose them into two new different areas. Each placement will last for one year in line with the business needs and corresponds to MAs' desire. At this stage, MAs have the opportunity to observe and execute different business processes and activities.
Through every stage of program, MAs will get full exposure of our institution through challenging assignment and demanding environment in the areas of:
  • Card Business
  • Consumer Finance
  • Compliance
  • Finance & Control
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance Business
  • Operation & Technology
  • Risk Management
  • Retail Banking
  • Small Medium Enterprise Business
  • Treasury
Before starting the program, MAs will go through an orientation program which will start with Business Induction where they will meet our CCO and GCG Business Heads to get an overall overview of GCG Indonesia Businesses then specific to the areas that they are leading. Along the way, we equip MAs with several trainings - classroom training, online training, plus regional development programs specifically tailored for MAs. Adding to it, MAX - a leadership program which will provide foundation training in the key aspects of Banking.
Throughout the MA program, MAs will get a personal coaching by Mentors and Buddy, who are normally two-down Country Business Manager's level and former MAs who have graduated respectively. MAs will also get support from supervisors and project owners who work closely with MA Program Manager.
Apart from on-the-job training, MAs will also be given plenty of opportunities to participate in a wide-array of internal and external programs designed to help MAs gain business knowledge, technical skills, and soft-skills. Besides non-work related, we will also involve MAs in our Country Employee Activities and Citibank Social Responsibility (CSR) Program, which will add up their network and sharpen their interpersonal/social skills.
Eventually, professional & interpersonal performance will be evaluated throughout the program for the purpose of MAs' final placement in the organization.

We are looking for an individual who possess an excellent analytical skills with high perseverance and self driven, who see challenges as opportunity to grow.
Fresh graduates with a Bachelor's or Master's degree from reputable university; with minimum GPA 3.5 out of 4.0 and have strong credentials/achievements are encouraged to submit their applications. Those whose working experiences are up to two years may apply for Management Associates as well.
This vacancy is only open for Indonesian citizen and/or those who have a valid authority to work in the respective location.
If you are ready to apply, please visit the link below (search Job Number: 09023787)


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