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10 February 2010

Lowongan Kerja BUMN PTPN XIII

Versi Indonesia Disini

PTPN XIII BUMN is working plantation in Kalimantan area inviting potential workers who are persistent, tenacious, willing to work hard, dare to face challenges, highly motivated and have integrity to the leadership position of employees, with educational background as follows:

    * S1 Agriculture
          o Agronomy (Code: TAN-A)
          o Socio-Economic (: TAN-S)
          o Agricultural Mechanization (Code: TAN-M)
          o Soil Science (Code: TAN-T)
    * S1 Forestry
          o Forest Products Technology (HUT-T)
          o Cultivation Forest (HUT-B)
          o Forest Management (HUT-M)
    * S1 Teknik
          o Mechanical Engineering Production (Code: TEK-M)
          o Strong Flow of Electrical Engineering (Code: TEK-E)
          o Civil (TEK-S)
          o Industrial Engineering (TEK-I)
          o Chemical Engineering (TEK-K)
          o Environmental Engineering (TEK-L)
    * S1 Economy
          o Accounting (AKT-E)
          o Management (MNJ-E)
          o Development Studies (ISP-E)
    * S1 Informatika
          o Maintenance Data Base (INF-M)
          o Programmer (INF-P)
    * S1 Sospol (SOS-D)
    * Psychologist (PSI-I)
    * S1 Law (HKM-H)
    * S1 Communication (KOM-K)
    * General Practitioners (DOK-U)
    * Dentists (DOK-G)


    * Indonesian citizen, born after February 28, 1983 (special undergraduate from outside the Company)
    * Minimum GPA 2.75.
    * Willing to be placed in all company work areas.
    * Prioritized work experience relevant to the proposed area.
    * Prioritized fluent in English.
    * Because of the nature of work performed, it takes a man to code: TAN-A, TAN, S, TAN, M, TAN-T, TEK-F, TEK-E,-S TEK, TEK-I, TEK-K, TEK-L,-T HUT, HUT-B, HUT-M. While AKT code-E, MNJ-E and the ISP-E preferred males.
    * Code INF-M master data base SQL / Oracle.
    * INF-P code master database SQL / oracle and web-based online, arch view, Map source, PHP and Map Server.
    * Code HKM-H over land and natural resources issues.
    * Code KOM-K mastering public relations.
    * Code PSI-I has completed professional programs or S2 Master of Psychology.
    * Code-E S1 AKT accounting or have completed a professional accountant.
    * Note Certificate outlining the Police never punished for committing a crime.
    * Health Certificate & Certificate of No Color Blind Doctor.
    * Letter stating that the statement was never dismissed with no respect of institutions or government agency or private law.

Send your application along with copies of diplomas and transcripts S1 (legalized), recent 4x6 passport photo sheet 3 (write name on back of each photo), Curriculum Vitae (CVs Register and Employment) has no. phone / cell phone to call, a copy of a valid ID card, and other administrative requirements as above, addressed to:

Jl. Jend. Urip Sumoharjo No. 100, Yogyakarta – 55222

Mention code positions / formations and determine the location of choice tests in Pontianak, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan or Yogyakarta on the left of the envelope proposal. Applications received by the Committee no later than February 25, 2010. Only applicants who meet the requirements and quotas that will be called to follow the selection. Applications become the property of the Committee. Company Profile, requirements and test phases can be viewed at the website of LPP. Announcement of participants who are called to follow the Phase I tests can be viewed via the website LPP on March 15, 2010. The committee decision is absolute. Committee does not serve & telephone correspondence relating to the test results. During the selection process, accommodation and transportation are not covered by the company.
For more information please visit the following link.


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