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16 December 2009

Lowongan Kerja PT Pos Indonesia Desember 2009


Employee Candidate Acceptance PT Pos Indonesia (Persero)
Majoring in Accounting with Accounting Certification

Name Position
Supervisor / Auditor / Functional Companies
Have a minimum bachelor degree level strata-1 (S-1/D-IV) of State Universities and Private Higher Education which is accredited with the Department of Accounting and certified accountants.
Grade point average in undergraduate-level strata 1 (S-1/D-IV) majoring in accounting at least 2.75 (two point seventy five) for State Universities and at least 3.0 (three point zero) for Private Higher Education .
Have experience or have never worked in the field of accounting and finance for at least 1 (One) year at an institution of work units / Company / Institution / Office Public Accountant.
Maximum age of 35 years old at the time of entering an application.
For applicants who are not married, willing to not get married during the Work Orientation Program which is indicated by making the applicants Statement of seal affixed.
For female applicants must be in a state not pregnant and willing to not become pregnant for the Work Orientation Program which is indicated by making the applicants Statement of seal affixed.
Willing to be placed in all areas of Indonesia expressed by making the applicants Statement of seal affixed.
Agency bonds are willing to live with the applicant stated a letter bemerterai statement.
Not being in the process of investigating a breach by the authorities as a criminal act which is indicated by the Police Notes Certificate (SKCK) of the Police.
Not the case involved drugs and free from drug abuse or other psychotropic drugs banned, which is indicated by Drug Free Certificate from the Police.

Passed implemented selection include selection / test:
Awards Compensation and Benefit
Applicants who passed the selection was appointed as a potential employee, a graduate diploma level strata-1 (S-1/D-IV) with the rank of Candidate Young Organized by post or Group III / a.
During the period of a given candidate's Work Orientation Program (POK) for prospective employees for about 3 (three) months, with the division of time: 2 (two) months of debriefing in the classroom and 1 (one) month On The Job Training (OJT) in UPT or can be further regulated in accordance with the circumstances that exist.

Prospective employees are given the right:
80% of salary in effect at the PT Pos Indonesia (Persero)
Health facilities, housing and money donations.
Other rights in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Company.
Bonding Agency
After completing the orientation program of work, prospective employees are willing to do the bond department at PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) for 3 (three) years from the appointed as an employee.

Application Procedure
Applicants send the application through the nearest Post Office Express Mail service using the Special or Express Post addressed to the Human Resources Director of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) cq Head Division of Human Resources Development Cilaki Street No. 73 Bandung 40115 no later than December 19, 2009.

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