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03 October 2010

Lowongan Update CPNS Badan Koordinasi Keamanan Laut 2010

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Maritime Security Coordinating Board Republic of Indonesia to give opportunity to the citizen of the Republic of Indonesia Men and Women to be a candidate for Civil Servants Fiscal Year 2010 to be placed in the MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordinating Center), RCC (Rescue Coordinating Center) and GS (Ground Station). The classification of education, occupation, placement and other requirements as well as mechanisms of CPNS acceptance as follows.

General Requirements

    * Citizens of the Republic of Indonesia.
    * Minimum age 18 years and maximum 35 years from the date (TMT) December 1, 2010, and such other matters stipulated in Government Regulation no. 11 of 2002 on the Amendment of Government Regulation Number: 98 of 2000 on Civil Procurement.
    * No status as CPNS / PNS.
    * Never honorably discharged, not his own request or not with respect as civil servants, members of the TNI / police or as private employees.
    * Not being in a position as caretaker / members of political parties.
    * There was never sentenced to prison.
    * Not involved with illegal drugs either as users or dealers.
    * Willing to be placed on the entire territory of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.
    * Decision of the Committee in terms of passing applicants / applicants at each stage of the test is absolute and can not be contested.
    * Cover letter that does not meet one requirement disqualified.

Administrative Requirements

    * 3x4 size color photograph 4 (four) pieces red background.
    * Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP)
    * Cover letter written by hand using black ink stamped USD. 6.000, -
    * Attach a copy of the last diploma and transcripts that have been legalized by the Agency authorized wet *.
    * Attach a copy of the Certificate of Kemenakertrans Job Seeker who has been legalized.

Cover Letter Submission mechanism.

    * The application documents have been prepared as the composition of administrative requirements on III
    * Cover letter addressed to Dear. Personnel Officer coach Bakorkamla RI. Address: PO BOX. JKP 9000. 10900
    * The cover letter stated the position code and name of the proposed position, written in upper right corner of the cover letter.
    * Acceptance letter of application began on 23 September 2010 until 7 October 2010.
    * Cover letter paper is inserted into the appropriate folder and then the education level and incorporated into the brown envelope on the top right corner of the front of the envelope was written the code position and proposed position.
    * For S1: Green Map
    * For D3: Map Blue color
    * For vocational / high school: Map Yellow color
    * The time and place of the test will be notified through the website Bakorkamla.

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