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03 October 2010

Lowongan Kerja Update PT POS INDONESIA

PT. Pos Indonesia opened the opportunity to become employees of PT Pos Indonesia with the following conditions:


    * Have a minimum diploma level graduates Strata-1 (S-1) of State Universities and Private Colleges are accredited by majoring Economics / Business (Management, Accounting, Business Management, Micro Finance, Business Logistics, and Transport), Information Management, Engineering (Information Technology, Civil, Architecture, Industry), Law, and Psychology.
    * Grade Point Average in undergraduate-level Strata-1 (S-1) at least 2.75 (Two point seven-five).
    * Preferably have a minimum TOEFL score 450 in 2009-2010 certified and is attached at time of application.
    * Not a family unless the applicant from the employees of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero).
    * Preferably have experience or have never worked on a work unit institution / Company / Institution / Office. Applicants from the employees of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) has a minimum working period of 4 years.
    * Maximum age 28 years at the time of entering an application. Applicants from the employees of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero), maximum age 35 years.
    * Make a Statement stamped as follows:
          o Willing to not perform weddings during the Orientation Program of Work.
          o In the circumstances do not pregnant and willing to not get pregnant during the Employment Orientation Program (for female applicants).
          o Willing to be placed all around Indonesia.
          o Willing to undergo Service Association.
    * Not currently in the process of investigation of a violation by the authorities as a crime and no case involved drugs or other psychotropic drugs that are prohibited its use, as stated by the Police Notes Certificate (SKCK) of the Police.
    * Passed implemented selection includes the selection / test:
          o Administration
          o Test of Academic Potential (TPA)
          o Psikotest
          o Health and Interviews

If you are interested please download more information from the link below. Applications received no later than October 11, 2010 (postmark).
Learn more here (Bahasa Indonesia)

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