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10 September 2010

Lowongan Kerja Pacific Oil & Gas - Pertamina

Pacific Oil & Gas (Perlak) Ltd is a Partner of Operations Cooperation (Kerja Sama Operasi) with Pertamina EP for Perlak Block in East of Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Following the company strategy to expand, we are inviting experienced, highly committed and well-qualified professionals to join our existing team on the following roles

Field Manager (FM) Perlak (Aceh) Based
  • Plan, lead and manage field infrastructure, production and maintenance of the field operation.
  • Develop and Implement effective and efficient operation and maintenance systems and program to achieve safe and productive field operation.
  • Maintain good performance in SE and QNQC areas.
  • Possessed KATEK/ WAKATEK Certificate & proven track record, and familiar with oil & gas budgeting system (WP&B, AFE, etc)
Operation Superintendent Perlak (Aceh) Based
  • Provide competent technical, service support and methods in maintaining the new and existing facilities as well as ensure highest equipment and facility.
  • Maintain production quality and flow-rate to meet oil production target.
  • Control and minimize expenses.
  • Determine, specify and control stock of materials and spare parts for operation, tools and equipment related to production field operation (well and facilities)
Maintenance Supervisor Perlak (Aceh) Based
  • Perform mechanical maintenance activities, interface with production/ well and support services.
  • Perform development submission & facilities control, plant/ production equipment maintenance budget & expenses AFEs.
  • Ensure compliance of breakdown & preventive maintenance programs, and critical devices function test
  • Bachelor degree/ higher in related degree / engineering background, with min. 10 years proven track record in related oil and gas experience.
Production Supervisor (PSV) Perlak (Aceh) Based
  • Lead and direct field production and well operations as well as maintain equipment reliability to achieve safe and optimal production.
  • Logistics Coordinator Perlak (Aceh) Based
  • Coordinate and manage the field logistics and warehouse inventory by establish processes to efficiently receive, handle, respond to, track, and dose-out material requests.
  • Ensure effective management of costs relevant to logistics activities.
  • Develop SOP/ process flaw to receive issue, handle and track inventory materials and physic assets of Company.
  • Familiar with MESCODE and KIMAP.
Finance & Acct. Staff (UAM) Jakarta Based
  • Prepare, monitor, review financial statement & reports; monitor AFEs and close-out reports / WP&B and corp. budget.
  • Update actual expenditures prepare reports for submission to Corp. Office, Pertamina & BPMigas
Accountant Jakarta Based
  • Prepare and manage statutory reports for local and offshore companies.
  • Assist in day-day financial and accounting transactions and reports, such as cash flow, bank reconciliation statements, tax preparation report, etc
  • Bachelor degree/ higher in related degree / engineering background, with min. 5 years proven track record in related oil and gas experience
Interested and qualified incumbents are welcome to submit your complete application to the address stated below not later than 18 September 2010.

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